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Tuesday, 29-May-2007 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
XCLUSIVE: My Best Friend's Wedding :)

malam berinai..
ina & huzei
moments b4 becoming a wifey :)
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Venue: Dewan Sg. Nibong, Penang
Date: 26 May 2007
Time: 1200 - 1800 hrs

Wishing both of you happiness & lead a prosperous life with cute little kids SOON..

Eta & Family

malam berinai & pagi akad nikah: with my best friend ever..

a fine, sunny morning with a fine, adorable couple

lovely couple in bronze: bagai strawberry bercoklat dibelah 2

huzei's soulmate & mine..: oops, tak sempat smile..

the next groom to be ---------> WAN??

me, wan & cutey little luqman

aunty huzei aqis yang soo soo beautiful

feel so blessed to have such lovely kiddos: Marsya Balqis & Wan Mikail Luqman

aqis punyer, kan aunty, kan?? next: jelingan menggoda tuh..

aqis geng dengan maksu..

my greatest parents ever..

wut a daughter has to offer? everlasting L.O.V.E

Wednesday, 23-May-2007 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mikail Luqman's sweet smiley..

Actually, dah banyak kali baby mama nih smile..but each time, tak sempat-sempat nak to snap? mama yang riba luqman..slalu tak sempat jer nak capai pape device nih.. rugi betol..miss mama nak snap dimples yang dalam tuh..geram mama.. so, dis time, masa tok riba luqman, mama pun cepat2 seize the opportunity to snap any, if there is la kan..coz luqman if dengan tok, murah jer senyuman die.. well, as the result, ade la sikit..walaupun miss jugak part luqman tersenyum lebar..

sukenye die main dengan tok..jeles kakak aqis..

Luqman main kejap with d bears yer..gud boy, mama!

Sunday, 13-May-2007 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mama's Day - Special Celebration

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Happy Mother's Day, MOM..!!
(and all mommies in the whole wide world)

You're always a sweetheart in our hearts..
Thank You so very much..
We do LOVE you whole heartedly..


mom & abah - forever loving couple (already 28 amazing years..)

me & cayang hubby..

me & my little precious dot, marsya balqis..

Sunday, 6-May-2007 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nasi Ayam Misai @Bt. Jambul & Spiderman Treat @Queensbay Mall

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Venue I: Nasi Ayam Misai, Bt. Jambul Mall, Bayan Baru
(Sedapppnyer..hingga nak tambah dan tambah lagi..hehe )

Venue II: Queensbay Mall, Bayan Baru
Movie: Spiderman (touching+4 thumbs up!+recommended )
Dine: Pizza Hut

P/S: THANK YOU, My Honey HUBBY! Next time, belanja ler lagi...

eyahhh..sambil makan, sempat posing lagi tuh..

lapar anak mama nih..

sisters yang dah kenyang..burrpp..

from right: cayang, aqis, alus & ina after watching spiderman

napie: hehe..makan mmg syiokk.. gone to ur fp..nice shots ya!!
mama adee: yus, baby luqman ikut pi jalan tempat lain..tak dapat bayangkan luqman masuk wayang.. bawakla adee pi tengok movie, mesti adee sonok.. aqis punya 1st movie: Ice Aged II, pastu Little Man (negro kecik yg gatal tuh ) then Spiderman, 3rd movie..nih mesti kes mama & abah g layan movie 2 orang jerk..
andamanadreen: bebudak skank, adreen.. tak sempat nak kate pape.. bestla tgk org kawen2 nih, tingat zaman kawen 4 taun lepas..huhu nanti kite rekemen fp awak kat sape2 nak naik pelamin ek..nak tunggu anak, lambat ler lagi..
mama danish: hye kiyah..lame betol menyepi..hehe, yeke back to b4 pregnant? manede, lom lagi la..xde rahsia ponn..samer ajer berpantang cam org lain luqman mmg cepat membesar, huhu..hai, lamer tol puase tak makan pizza, kalini makanla puas2..

Sunday, 29-Apr-2007 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
YESS!!..I'm Freee..:)

deep sleep
@Padang Kota Lama
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Today i'm freee!..since yesterday was my last day of confinement period wut a coincidence since dis week's full of public hols..a golden chance for me to hang out with hubby, kids & family members

well, 1stly, me, hubby & aqis went out shopping in a supermarket before we headed off to Padang Kota Lama..the place where my hubby's favourite 'Sotong Kangkung' was..but i didn't get to taste any. since i can't still eat those kinds of fud..aqis & i jaz had satay & we also 'tapau' some to bring home

we got home around 9pm, and dat nite my hubby wanted to give a dinner treat to our family members..we also invited tok unggai along.. we then asked abah to choose the venue and ended up at one of abah's fav places (abah's pal's place) in sg. ara..we had nasi hidang with all the lauk pauks.. (everyone was starving & only looking for nasi instead of fast/western fud )

all in all, it was memorable day today..unfortunately, luqman is still too baby for us to bring him along..nevertheless, i had a great day out & shall cheerish every moment

Luqman kena tinggal @home..

comotnyer mulut..

mom & sis ina lepas kenyang..

me & tok unggai..after months of silence..

happynyer with maksu..

MamaFami: cute ke? tenQ ....i've gone to ur so yummmiess!
maksu ena:maksu ena makan paling berselera..geng dengan aqis..ooopss..
mama adee: yus, aku balik awal bulan 6 la, coz tunggu knuri member baik & sdara kat penang..alang2la, kan dah dok kat umah nih.. tunggu tau..aqis & luqman pon xsabaq nak jumpa adee yang cute+montel tuh..geram tgk..
aunty aini: hye aini..lama menyepi..a'a, aqis potong rambut, tok dia yg potong , ok tak? aku pun confuse muka luqman berubah-ubah, kita wait & see nanti, k..hg bila nak update fp nih?

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